While strolling through Fagaras county, you will undoubtly reach the beautiful Wailing Horn (Bucium) area. As the poem goes, “sad the wailing horn sounds as on the hills evening slowly pours”, but not here because of the hospitable and cheerful people you shall meet, generous and good people magically guarded by the dense forests and the mystical grace of Şinca monastery.

Here in the quiet village of Bucium, you will always be greeted with a smile by the kind hosts of Casa Moga guesthouses. Laboriously built by the Moga family, this welcoming resthouses invites you to come in and enjoy the warmth. Whether you're just passing by or you want to spend several days here, you will find a place of delightful self rediscovery. Each room of the houses is an invitation to happy resting, for we have chosen to decorate them with things we love, touched by the hands of artisans of the Land of Fagaras.

Delicious food, picked and traditionally cooked by the hosts, with love and care for the guests.